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Mons Veneris (Mound of Venus)

Mons pubis is Latin for pubic mound, and has many other names like mons veneris (mound of venus), the mons, pussy mound and vagina mound. It is a layer of fatty tissue resting above the pubic bone in females. The mons veneris forms the front part of the vulva.

The size of the pussy mound is determined by the level of body fat and hormones present in the body. After and during puberty, it is where the pubic hair grows. The Mons is present both in males and females, but is significantly larger in women. It acts as a pushin’ cushion during sex and protects the pubic bone. Opinions over whether a large or small pubic mound is desirable vary greatly, in eastern society a large one is considered sexy.

In female humans, the pubic mounds merges with the labia majora/outer pussy lips and forms what is known as the Cleft of Venus that envelopes the clit, labia minora and vaginal opening. The mons veneris’ growth is stimulated by estrogen and so rapid growth is seen during the onset of puberty..